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The Opto-compatible products are based on Rpsemi unique iDivider technology . While compared with traditional optocoupler devices, they greatly improves the performance of common mode transient immunity, isolation performance, transmission delay and operating temperature range, making it more suitable for industrial and automotive applications with stringent requirements.

Opto-compatible Isolated Driver

This series of products are based on iDivider technology, and combining the mature standard semiconductor CMOS process with BCD process. They have the characteristics of low voltage drop, low startup current and large peak drive current, providing cost-effective drive solutions for photovoltaic inverters and industrial converters.


Compatible Opto-Coupler

The input signal of the series products is fully compatible with the optocoupler, and the influence of current transmission ratio CTR is not needed to be considered in the whole temperature range, and there is no optical decay phenomenon, which effectively ensures the stable and reliable operation of the products in the whole life cycle.


Opto-compatible Solid-state Relay

This is a 1500V isolated switch device with superior performance to PhotoMOS. It has no optical decay and effectively ensures stable and reliable operation in the whole life cycle of the product, especially suitable for long life application of battery management system.


Opto-compatible Smart Isolated Driver

The series are used to drive MOSFET and IGBT, with desaturation monitoring, Miller clamp, soft shutdown and other functions to protect power devices from damage in abnormal conditions. The integrated protection function reduces the peripheral protection circuit and saves space on the board.


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