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Standard and Enhanced Digital Isolators based on the iDivider® - We offer high voltage, high speed, low power consumption, small-size integrated power supplies and JEDEC, AEC-Q100 certified low-cost isolators for a wide range of applications industrial and automotive.

Standard Digital Isolator

By using standard semiconductor CMOS process and iDriver® Technology, π1xxxxx series products provides excellent performance and high reliability, the overall performance is superior to optocoupler and Digital Isolator products based on OOK technology.


DFN Digital Isolator

π1xxxxx series products, the transmission channels are independent of each other, which can perform the configuration of multiple transmission directions, perform the isolated voltage withstand level from 1.5kV RMS to 5.0kv RMS and the signal transmission from DC to 600mbps.


I2C Isolators

π110E1x is an excellent single channel Digital Isolator with enhanced ESD capability. These devices transmit data across barriers through silicon dioxide barriers. The voltage range of either side of these devices is 3.0V to 5.5V, which can provide 3.3V and 5V logic voltage conversion.


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π110M30  π120E30  π120M30 
π120U30  π121M30  π121M31 
π121U31  π122E31  π122M30 
π122M31  π122M61  π122U31 
π131E31S  π131M61  π131U30 
π131U31  π131U31S  π140E30S 
π141E30S  π141E31S  π141E60 
π141M31  π141M61  π141U31 
π142M31  π142M61  π142U31 
π160E30  π160M30  π160M60 
π160U30  π161M31  π162E31 
π162M31  π162M61  π162U31 
π163E31  π163M31  π163U31 

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Total Channel Amount Reverse Part Number Highest Speed Fail-safe output state Isolation Voltage AC/DC/Surge Package AEC-Q100 Document

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